"Hands down the best lawyer to have on your side.  David is straight to the point and informative, so all billed time in my case was progress being made.  He also speaks with a confidence that is unlike any other in my experience.  So, for problems that weigh so heavily they seem unbearable... please read my story about how this man can do more than just the job you need him to do. 

One day I caught my spouse cheating, so I left her.  Immediately afterwards, rather than coming to an agreement, I find myself fighting for my right to see my children.  I couldn't eat or sleep.  I took a couple days off work and scheduled six consultations to find a lawyer to handle my case.  After four consultations I had a rough understanding of the situation and the action that needed to be taken.

Then, I consulted with David.  He had an immediate answer for every question I asked, and he never once turned to a book or computer for assistance finding information.  He knew the court system like it was the back of his hand.  Upon leaving his office I canceled the remaining consultation and informed the previous lawyers I had decided on an attorney.  I paid his retainer to begin taking action and felt such relief that for the first time in three days I was able to eat a meal.  Not only did David have the information, he gave it with a strong and resonating confidence.

That confidence helped me rest at ease, because every time I presented him with a problem or new obstacle with my case I would leave his office knowing that everything that could be done, was being done.  And, if something was uncertain or had low chance ofhappening he would clearly state exactly that.  There was never any false hope, just straight-forward information.  Several times there were challenges brought on by my spouse to deny me of my children even going as far as to file a PFA based on a story she had fabricated.  I gave David all the information I had and he quickly spotted the flaws with her PFA.  The PFA restricting me from raising my children was undone after ONE WEEK.

I continued to work with David for my child custody and divorce. I now live happily with my children and owe it to him that I did not miss out on years of their life."


"Dave is an awesome attorney! He's compassionate and caring. He is on top of things. He's very honest and spoke in terms that I could understand. I would have no problem recommending Dave to anyone who needs legal help. I'm glad my father recommended him."


"I am a professional myself and unexpectedly found myself in need of legal services. I was referred to David Lewis through a family member.

My situation and alternatives were competently and clearly explained and I was ably asssisted at every turn. As a matter of fact, a Judge who was listening to our conversation, complemented David on the clarity and thoroughness of his explanations to me.

He was always available to answer questions and provide guidance. I can highly recommend David for any legal matter that one may face."


"When I made the decision to file for divorce, a family friend recommended David. Her divorce was much more complicated than mine would be, and she was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Upon our first meeting, David made me feel safe. He exuded confidence and competence. He also made me laugh, something I needed to remember how to do. I too am extremely satisfied with David's work.

I would highly recommend his services. Thank you David, for helping me to stay positive and to feel secure during this unpleasant and unnerving period of my life."